February 16, 2023

1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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129 $ plus taxes
6,45 $ TPS + 12,87 $ TVQ = 148,32 $


Reimbursement of the registration fee will be granted upon receipt of a written notice sent to the ACCQ by email at info@accq.qc.ca five (5) working days before the activity begins. In the event of a cancellation received by email after this time period, the participant will be refunded the registration fee minus a $50 administrative fee. If the participant is unable to comply with this cancellation policy, the Association will have to charge the full registration fee. A substitution of participants will be accepted.


The Québec Pension Plan
The Pension Plan of Management Personnel (PPMP)


Despite their busy schedules, senior managers from the public and parapublic sector need to plan and set retirement goals. In this regard, RACAR, in collaboration with the Association des cadres des collèges du Québec (ACCQ), offers senior managers who are within five years of retirement the opportunity to participate in an information session in English concerning the Québec Pension Plan and the Pension Plan of Management Personnel (PPMP).

Québec Pension Plan component
Financial security system for retirement
Fully benefiting from the Québec Pension Plan
Contributory periods (Basic and Supplemental plan)
Calculation of the pension
o Retirement pension (supplement and division)
o Survivors’ benefits
o  Disability benefits (additional amount for disabilities)
Splitting work income
Pension indexation
Combined pension
Statement of participation
Social security agreement

Public-sector pension plan component
Calculation of the pension (service for calculation, average eligible salary)
Pension eligibility
o    Service for eligibility
o    Eligibility criteria, with or without reduction
o    Calculation of a reduced pension
Pension indexation
Coordination with RRQ
Phased departure
Survivors’ benefits
Statement of participation
Pension calculation tool